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Successful On-Demand Publishing Services

We take the complexities of production away from writers and artists and allow them concentrate on what they do best: create.

There are many reasons individuals choose to create works of art or engage in the writing process. Some individuals wish to take photos, paint, or create fiction, poetry, or non-fiction. Other people wish to develop a career in journalism or become an academic scholar, or sell their services as a technical writer. Whatever the motive, any artistic endeavor takes talent, time and concentration. At the end of creative process, the individual is faced with the hated tasks of finding and paying for agents, shopping around for publishers, marketing and revenue management. This puts an extra burden on the individual and takes away from their creative time 

Certainly the top selling authors have an established network of business partners who take care of those dreaded complexities but for the rest of creative types we will get your book to Amazon for resale in paper back form, and create various digital formats for deliver on cell phones, Kindle or other e-book readers.

You provide us with your manuscript in a specific format and we will apply the necessary digital technology to get your printed and digital book located on for resale. Digital versions will also be created for other formats including Ipad, cell phones or any e-book reader. You set the price for both the printed and the digital versions and collect the royalties.

We work with both amateur and professional writers.  We also work with ordinary citizens who wish to express, record and print diaries, genealogy records, travelogues, wedding journals, baby books, family reunion reports, or artistic works. In essence, we will work with just about anybody who wishes to transmit information to a small or mass audience for a variety of different reasons.  

 We rely on Print on Demand (POD) from a variety of providers including Lightning Source, a division of Ingram Content Group, a leading U.S. book wholesaler, and, an MobiPocket,  both companies.

 We can also offer printing and distributing services to publishing companies such as Replica Books, a  POD arm of wholesaler Baker & Taylor.  Baker & Taylor is strong in library and academic markets, as well as bookstores in the Northeastern United States

For those wishing to publish a magazine we will work with Hewlett-Packard's MagCloud publishing who provides both print and digital formats.

Why Print on Depmand (POD:

Print on demand uses digital technology to produce paper or digital products for a fixed cost per copy, regardless of the size of the order. This is particularly advantages for small print runs, because setup costs are higher for larger run offset printing.

Should your product hit the market big-time, it will generate a host of opportunities in the larger markets and offset printing will be put into operation.

Another advantage to POD is the back office services that we coordinate for you.  These services include printing and shipping a book each time one is ordered, handling royalties and getting listings in online bookstores.

These services are included in our prices, in addition to formatting, proof reading and editing, and so on.

Managing uncertainty

Authors and artists who produce short sale items such as biographies, or other products with a short “sale window, should consider our services in order to minimize the risks associated with printing and maintaining large stockpiles of their works. Our POD services allow for cheaper runs that meet a pessimistic forecast for title sales.

Niche publications

Those individuals producing niche products that have a high retail price but limited sales opportunities, such as specialist academic works, should consider our services. 

We also address authors who wish to publish books or artistic works with larger fonts, special formats or for those with visual impairments or reading disabilities.


Profits fare on a per-sale basis, and royalties vary depending on the strategy used. Highest profits are usually generated from sales direct from services such as Amazon, or by the author buying copies from the service at a discount, and then selling them personally.


Although marketing is primarily the responsibility of the author, we will help develop strategies that best fit the benefits expected from your efforts. Specific benefits include: speed to market, ability to revise content, and greater share of royalties kept compared with traditional publishing.

Podcasting and video marketing is also available.

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